Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Christmas tree

Adam and I are both what you could call nostalgic fools or sentimental saps. You only need to look as far as our Christmas tree to find evidence of this. If you can't be unapologetically nostalgic at Christmas, when can you?

So we adorn our tree with old school red and green bulbs like the ones we grew up with and every single ornament we have, including many that we have collected over the years as souvenirs from our travels. There is never any editing, no discretion. Everything makes the cut. Ours is never a pretty looking tree, but it is always full of meaning.
Here is some of what graced our tree this year:

From a hockey game we went to with my family 3 years ago (Flames won):

A souvenir from our first ballet, "The Nutcracker"

This one was a tag on one of Anna's presents:

Commemorating our time in Boise:

Anna's handprint:

This one of our wedding:

Jack as a kitten:

and finally, this one my mom dug out:

This year our varied ornaments, along with a improvised tree topper (at Adam's insistence) of a nativity scene his departed Grammy gave us years ago, transformed what was an otherwise perfectly beautiful tree into what you could call an eyesore. Or as we see it - our one of a kind, perfect, and properly sentimental tree. It might not be pretty, but it's beautiful to us.