Friday, March 25, 2011

Where we're from

We must not look Idahoian. We are constantly being asked where we are from.

"Um," pause, "um, well..." pause.

We could just say Boise, but that is a lie. We could say that we just moved from Seattle for a year. Or could simply answer that we're from Chicago. But none of that feels right.

But I doubt that this is the answer people are looking for:

"Um, well, we are in Boise for the year but I'm from Canada and Adam's from Massachusetts, we spent 8 years in Chicago and moved from Seattle last year."

I'm guessing that's an over-explanation. But each time we're asked we find ourselves at a loss for an answer.

The truth is, I don't know where I'm from anymore and I don't know where home is either. 'Home', in the truest sense is still Calgary where I grew up and where my parents still live. But I haven't lived there for 12 years now. In many ways Chicago is also 'Home'. It's where we spent our college years and early 20's. It's where most of our mutual memories, friends and family are. Seattle? Soon Seattle will be 'home' again, but it's not where we're from, and it's not quite 'Home' yet. And Boise? Well we love Boise. It's a fine city. But 'Home' it most certainly is not. It may be where we live, but it's not where we're from.

I wish we could choose a city and go with it because I doubt anyone actually cares what we answer. But we never seem to be able to pick just one place. I don't particularly relish this transient phase of life and I look forward to feeling that I have a 'Home" again someday, but this is our journey and each stop along the way shapes our lives. We're 'from' ALL those cities, and all those places are 'home'. It might not be the answer that strangers are looking for when they are making small talk on chair lifts or at the mall, but too bad, they asked.

Where are we from?

"Um, well, I'm from Canada and Adam's from Massachusetts, we lived in Chicago for 8 years, are in Boise now and will be moving back to Seattle next year."

That's where we're from. Deal.