Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Holiday Card 2023

Last year's card was never sent with my mom passing two weeks before Christmas and the amount of life lived in the last two years feels far too vast to fit on the back of a 5x7. Our girls are growing at lightning speed with Anna now a teenager!! (7th grade) and playing soccer/lacrosse/basketball. She has more friends than she can manage, loves choir and theatre and played a lead role in last spring's production. Etta, now 9 (4th grade), is passionate about gymnastics, Taylor Swift, drawing, writing, building and making plays and shows and all things creative. Thea is 7 (2nd grade) going on 17 and puts together outfits based on theme or how "teenager-y: they are. She does all the things her sisters do, but with added flair, sparkle, mischief and pure volume. We got a puppy in March simultaneously descending us further into chaos and bringing us more joy than we ever expected. Bruno is the cutest, friendliest, funnniest dog who sometimes puts up with our adoration and excessive affection. Adam is still saving lives at the VA and building decks/bedrooms/porches, fixing cars and being Fun Dad extraordinaire when he's off. I (Sheri) am working more all the time and balancing all the other the roles I am lucky enough to have.

2022 brought us sorrow and love mingled as we said a long goodbye to our dear mom and Mormor. We carry both the mundane busyness of life and profound sadness as we struggle to both hold loosely and cling tightly. Life doesn't stop for our pain and our grief hasn't prevented our joy. In that vein, we have gone on as many trips and adventures as we could manage including Adam and I traveling to Iceland this fall. We are marked by these years and all they have held and are grateful for everyday of this life we are fortunate enough to live and the people we get to live it with. 

With so much love,

Sheri, Adam, Anna, Etta, Thea & Bruno