Monday, July 6, 2009


Adam's dear grammy, Virginia (Ginny) Johnson, passed away this week. It didn't take long for her to find her way into my heart, and over the nine years that I knew her she became my grammy too. She had such a calming and peaceful demeanor, and you couldn't help but feel loved and comforted by her presence. She was never one to talk much of herself, but when she spoke you always wanted to listen. Without fail when we'd ask how she was doing she'd respond, "I can't complain." Never a truer remark was made as I believe that she was in fact incapable of complaining. It was a classmate of Adam's who cared for her in her last few days and even he noted her selfless disposition and kind heart. Grammy was a famous and gracious hostess, never happier than when she was able to take care of those she loved. When someone that knew her discovered my good luck at having married into her family, I would always be treated to raving accolades of her cooking and stories of her legendary hospitality. I was always humbled and honoured to hear the words that were spoken of Ernie & Ginny Johnson. I never knew Grampy, but I was blessed with nine years with Grammy. There is no way for me to know how many lives she touched throughout her 85 years. I only know this, she touched mine. She is missed.

I love you, Grammy.

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