Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dala horses and other party details

I was brainstorming about Anna's party with my friend Katie when we realized there was a slight problem with my vision. I was imagining pretty pastels, streamers, pinwheels, lemonade, Anna running around barefoot in the grass blowing bubbles with her blonde curls blowing in the wind. In other words, I was planning a summer party for a three year old. Oops. I blame Pinterest.

Once I realized that I was in fact planning an indoor December party for my not-so-blonde one year old I needed to, um, revise some of my vision.

 She's only one and I'm not that ambitious so I wanted to keep it simple, yet festive and fun. We found this dala horse garland from Etsy and took it from there.

Dala horse garland
This is the best picture we have of the banner Katie made and the wall-to-wall balloons on the balcony

We made a collage in the shape of a 1 with her weekly pictures
A close-up of the collage
Chalkboard runner

Predictions/Wishes for Anna and Anna trivia

the table

 Maybe one day I'll have a summer party to throw. Until then there is always Pinterest. For now I'm just grateful for Dala horses. :)

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erikka said...

Love the dal a horse theme! Looks like a great day. Still can't wait to meet Anna. :)