Monday, June 20, 2011

Red Fish Lake

We drove 8 hours roundtrip on Father's Day just to see some mountains.

All year we'd been planning on taking a trip up to Stanley to see the Sawtooth mountains, and we were running out of time. So, despite forecasted thundershowers, and a growing to-do list we decided around noon to make the trek.

We arrived in Stanley and realized that there wasn't all that much to do in a town of <500. We came for the views, but weren't sure where we were supposed to enjoy them from. The answer? Red Fish Lake.

It may be heaven, or perhaps it was just a dream, but I tell you this for sure: it was perfect. Words can't describe the idyllic scene, or more importantly the laid-back, heart-warming atmosphere. On paper it wasn't very different from a dozen other mountains lakes I've visited. But paper doesn't do magic justice.

Happy first Father's Day, Adam. I think it was a good one.


Sarah said...

looks like such a great time! anna is too cute and i love her sleeping in the life vest!

beth. said...

that looks like the perfect day...and i love that sweet little anna...i'll bet she's even sweeter in person. can't wait to meet her someday...soon hopefully!

Unknown said...

Those pictures are amazing! Sometimes, I forget places like that exist since they're definitely not found in the burbs!