Saturday, July 3, 2010

We live in Idaho... (typing it might make it feel real)

We arrived in Boise late Sunday night and crashed at a fellow resident's house before moving in Monday morning. Since then most of our time has been spent unpacking and trying to fit a lot of stuff into a small space. Adam started work Thursday and is back full swing now. Exploring has been limited thus far, but here are some of my initial observations of our new 'home'.

- the Capitol building is gorgeous.
- the weather is HOT. Apparently high 90's all summer with 2 weeks averaging at 105 is NORMAL. The day we unloaded the truck it was 98. awesome.
- parking is free downtown for the first twenty minutes and doesn't seem to be too hard to come by.
- there is no traffic - at least by my standards.
- I didn't know I was downtown the first time I was downtown.
- It is not a stressful place to live.
- People are friendly - really, really friendly. Also, people seem to really love pregnant women.
- When we asked about crime where we live the manager cited that occasionally at the bars downtown fights can break out between unruly drunken men.
- We shouldn't let Jack outside (not that we would) because there are foxes and other wildlife that live on the hillside that our patio backs onto, not to mention that we drove by the International Birds of Prey park on the way in to town.
- The property manager apologized for some very distant hammering noises when we moved in and made sure to let us know that the disturbance was both temporary and uncommon, phew!
- Strip malls are the great city equalizer. I ventured to the shopping district yesterday and felt like I could have been in any suburb of any city in the US (the difference being of course the quality of stores present).
- I added to my list of places I'm homesick for. Currently I'm missing Seattle, Calgary, Chicago and New England (West Island, Cape Cod and Pilgrim Pines!!!)

Back to unpacking! Or at least pretending to do something while I wait for Adam to get home. :)