Monday, June 20, 2011

Red Fish Lake

We drove 8 hours roundtrip on Father's Day just to see some mountains.

All year we'd been planning on taking a trip up to Stanley to see the Sawtooth mountains, and we were running out of time. So, despite forecasted thundershowers, and a growing to-do list we decided around noon to make the trek.

We arrived in Stanley and realized that there wasn't all that much to do in a town of <500. We came for the views, but weren't sure where we were supposed to enjoy them from. The answer? Red Fish Lake.

It may be heaven, or perhaps it was just a dream, but I tell you this for sure: it was perfect. Words can't describe the idyllic scene, or more importantly the laid-back, heart-warming atmosphere. On paper it wasn't very different from a dozen other mountains lakes I've visited. But paper doesn't do magic justice.

Happy first Father's Day, Adam. I think it was a good one.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This post is a long time coming. I've written and rewritten it in my head so many times, so many nights. I can't find the right words. There are no good words. Only the worst word: cancer.

My mom has cancer.

It's a rare, slow-moving and incurable cancer. Carcinoid. It originated in her 'mid-gut' and has since spread to her liver. The tumours make her violently ill with severe stomach cramps and vomitting. She has been to the Emergency Room a dozen times since the beginning of March. She will be having surgery to remove half her liver, a chunk of her intestines and who knows what else sometime in the next couple months. She has been told that they can never get all the cancer. She has been told that they have made more advances in treating these neuroendocrine cancers in the last three years than in the twenty before that. She has been told that she can reasonably expect 10 good years.

My mom has cancer.

We are still reeling. NOT. MY. MOM.

And we hope.

So we pray. We pray for a miracle of healing. We pray for a tremendously successful surgery. We pray for a cure. We pray for strength and peace and courage for her and for dad. We pray for many, many more years together. We pray for hope. We pray for peace. We pray for peace. We pray for peace.

My mom has cancer.

Please pray for healing.

Please pray for peace.