Thursday, March 7, 2013


(I tried to write this post about just my grandpa, but Grandma kept sneaking in there. They are a pair, those two.)

If you know me you probably know how much I love my grandparents.

If you know my grandparents you love them, too.

When I was a kid I used to think I was the luckiest person in the world to have Albert and Anna as my grandparents. Now that I'm grown up, I know I am.

For 31 years they have blessed my life in more ways than I could name.They have poured into my life with their presence, their love and their prayers.

And now it's nearing time for my grandpa to go.

I am going to miss him so incredibly much. His presence is so large it is impossible to imagine the world without it.

If you've met Albert, you know him. He is indiscriminate with his blessing, his humour, his joy. People flock to Grandpa's charisma like moths to a flame then draw close for his warmth and light.

While visiting last week a man called to say that he was flying in from Manitoba between his own cancer treatments to visit with Grandpa because he claims that Grandpa and Grandma changed his life. They loved him and supported him, drew him close to Jesus, and he credits them with much. I had never heard this man's name before, but the crazy part is, I have heard this story. Many times.

Because this is what they spent their lives doing, blessing others through hospitality, friendship, grace, love, laughter, acceptance and their time. It's not a handful of people whom they loved and served, it's not just those of use who are lucky enough to be family. It's people all throughout the Canadian Covenant and its churches. It's neighbours. And friends. And friends of friends. And some friends kids - and their friends. And strangers, really.

And we are all so lucky.

Because like I said, if you met Albert, you know him. And if you know him, you love him.

I sure do.

(If you want to send a message to grandpa you can do so at

(I'd be lying if I said this will be my only post on Grandpa. I haven't even scratched the surface)