Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We had a birthday party for Anna last week. One of those "who has a birthday party for their one year old with no other little kids/babies in attendance and makes all their adult friends watch their baby eat cake" parties. I think parties for one year olds are ridiculous. But I also think this one was necessary.

In our case we DID have family there. Adam's parents were in for the weekend to celebrate with us, which was very special (and helpful!). Otherwise the guest list was all friends - but they are more than that to us. They are the people who, alongside our blood relatives, have loved, cared and supported us this last year. These friends are our 'people'. The people who make this our home. These friends are our Seattle family.

So while I felt ridiculous, and a little embarrassed, having a  party for my one year old daughter, I did it because I wanted to celebrate her first year of life and I did it because I wanted to include those who are part of it. Anna was spoiled with a huge pile of presents, but the real gift was our apartment filled with people who love Anna and who love us. Even enough to come to a "birthday party for a one year old where you sit around with people you don't know and watch a baby eat cake and pretend you think it's cute" party. 

We are so blessed. Thank you, friends. We love you too.

All photos thanks to Neil Argyle.


Sarah said...

she is SOOOO cute!!!

Katherine Hampton said...

I am super lucky to get to be apart of your Seattle life. Love you three!

Ingrid said...

It was a fun little party! The girls had fun!

Ingrid said...

Sorry, Kaia was over my shoulder and hit publish before I was done. We are so blessed to have you in Seattle!