Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Meditation

(when Adam's Grammy passed away she left behind copies of this meditation - one for each of her family members. I have it hanging on my wall and read it to Grandpa while he was in hospice. I'm grateful for these words.)

I am standing on the seashore -
A ship spreads her white sails in the
   morning breeze and starts for the
   blue ocean -
She is an object of beauty and I stand
   and watch her until at length she hangs
   like a speck of white cloud just where
   the sea and sky meet to mingle with
   each other.
Then someone at my side says, "There!
she's gone!"

Gone where? Gone from my sight, that's all. -
   She is just as large in mast and hull and
   spar as she was when she left my sight, and
   just as able to bear her load of living
   freight to the place of her destination.

Her diminished size is in me, - not in her.

And just at that moment when someone at
   my side says, "there, she's gone!" there
   are other eyes watching her coming and
   other voices take up the glad shout,
   "There she comes!".

And that is living, not Dying.

author unknown


Melissa said...

Beautiful, Sheri. Sending you peace and love and prayers today and in the days ahead. said...

That's so beautiful, Sheri. I'm so sorry to hear about Albert. He was such a wonderful man and an inspiration to all of us. You are in our thoughts and prayers today and in the coming days as you struggle with his loss - The Douglases

The Process said...

Incredibly beautiful, Sheri. Thinking of you as you celebrate your grandpa's life. XO