Tuesday, June 18, 2013

all about her dada

We did a little keepsake questionnaire for Adam for Father's Day. I thought Anna's answers were too cute not to share.

By Anna, age 2 1/2

My dada's name is 'Dada'
He is 'big' feet tall
He weighs '6' pounds
He is '2' years old
His hair color is 'black'
His eyes are 'blue'
His favorite TV show is 'I don't know'
He likes to 'work'
His favorite food is 'cheerios'
His favorite drink is 'beer'
For fun he likes to go to the 'zoo with us'
I love it when my Dada 'bike'
My favorite thing about Dada is 'ride bike'
He makes me laugh when he 'gets me'
I love Dada 'cause I love Dada sooooo much!'

Happy Father's day, Adam!

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